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Our 3 Step Process 

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Reduce Compliance Gaps

Avoid potential project delays, fines, and legal repercussions from coverage gaps. Automatically notify insureds of renewals and easily work with agents on COI submissions.

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Save Time

Reduce the time spent dealing with insurance coverage, compliance, and broker submissions. Use templates to standardize workflows and apply requirements to all insureds on a single project.

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Reduce Costs

Avoid penalties and administrative overhead by optimizing team workflows and increasing efficiency. Have confidence that all your contractors and vendors are compliant and up-to-date on their insurance policies.

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Grow Your Business

With PINS you can know that insurance coverage is taken care of across your business-so you can focus on what matters. Standardize and automate insurance submissions based on your preferences.


Happy Customers

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Cyndia Ryan 

Risk Manager, C.W. Driver 

The thing I love most about PINS is everything. It used to take us 2 days to send expired notices, but now I literally press a button and I get all my expired notices done within 5 minutes. Our experience with PINS Customer Service has been outstanding, you can’t beat it!



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Kendall Thornley

Sr Risk Specialist, Morley Builders 

PINS creates transparency, everyone is on the same page with compliance items. What used to take 3 people is now done by  1  person. Which freed them up to take on other key initiatives like safety compliance and SDI programs. 



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Mike Louwaert

Project Engineer, CSM Group 

PINS has been a game changer for our insurance tracking! PINS has saved CSM Group a tremendous amount of time when it comes to entering data and sending notifations to our trades. PINS customer service team is incredibly responsive and has implemented specialized tools to save us time such as the easy-to-use Cloning Tool. 

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Dr. Scott Mann, MBA, CBO, ARM

Risk Manager, City of Sunnyvale

PINS has been a godsend. PINS software has improved our organizations risk transfer process in a significant way. Tracking on a spreadsheet was extremely cumbersome, problematic and things were very simply often overlooked. We are very pleased with PINS and will be continuing to use it as satisfied customer for many years to come.


Check out the most common questions

Does PINS have OCR?

Yes! We use machine learning enabled OCR to make the Certificate flow as quick and easy as possible. 

Does PINS check for compliance?

Yes.  PINS checks for submission compliance against the requirements. 

Does PINS integrate with other applications?

Yes.  PINS offers a suite of pre-built integrations with Sage 300 CRE, Vista by Viewpoint and Procore. We also offer a publicly available API for you to seamlessly integrate your data. 


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