Risk Management the Right Way

About Us

Pacific Insurance Network Systems facilitates cutting edge technology enabling an array of industries the delivery, storage and maintenance of insurance certificates and other important documents. Our cloud based technology provides the most secure and accessible way to maintain and store all your sensitive documents. The Automatic Notification System, embedded within our program, notifies you when certificates are expiring, essentially doing the work for you.

Cloud based storage. PINS will allow companies existing servers to run smoothly without overcrowding.

Changes the modern day practice of mailing or faxing insurance documents.

The Automatic Notification System enables all requirements to be completed and updates as needed. PINS is designed for everyone who collects Insurance Documents!

  • Municipalities Districts and Agencies
  • Contractors
  • Hospitals
  • Property Managers
  • Shopping Malls
  • Universities

PinsAdvantage.com is a privately held corporation based in Los Angeles, California.
Our mission is to provide an inexpensive, user friendly way of transferring risk from our clients.