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PINS Streamlines Construction Insurance Tracking with Procore Integration

Procore + PINS Integration


PINS Streamlines Construction Insurance Tracking with Procore Integration  


SAN DIEGO, August 11, 2022 - PINS Advantage (PINS), the fastest-growing insurance tracking platform for contractors, announced that it has integrated its insurance tracking management solution with Procore, the global leader in construction management software. This integration provides customers with automated insurance tracking processes and compliance tracking that will save them both time and energy in their project management. 

The integration with Procore will give clients the power to: 

    • Sync their Project from Procore
    • Sync their Work Order Commitments for Subcontractors 
    • Sync their Purchase Order Commitments for Vendors 
    • Automatically Apply PINS Project Requirement Templates upon import 
    • Sync project status updates, email contacts, and more
    • Build templates with customizable insurance requirements and automatically request coverage from vendors, contractors, and agents;
    • Streamline compliance reporting;
    • Instantly submit certificates for verification; and 
    • Keep all parties up-to-date on submission notifications, compliance statuses, and outstanding requests.

Integration Summary

The PINS integration simplifies insurance tracking and administration. PINS imports commitment data from your Procore account ensuring that your project administrators can quickly and efficiently set up requirements for, send requests to, and track insurance and enable automation for every subcontractor and vendor on your project with just a few clicks.

Managing certificates of insurance has never been easier. 

The PINS integration allows users to track insurance certificates for all active commitments maintained in Procore. These tools combine to serve as a construction-first payment solution that supports insurance compliance documentation, mitigating vulnerabilities in historical processes for insurance tracking. Using compliance codes to automate communication about compliance issues between the general contractors, trades and agents, PINS provides an easy to use interface to request, track, and store insurance documents.

PINS leverages AI technology to review all insurance submissions and identify any areas that do not comply with the established insurance requirements. Users can communicate complex compliance issues automatically, drastically improving communication time and maximizing overall productivity.

“This integration is so exciting" said Katy Rose, CEO. "It combines two powerhouse Saas tools that do separate things and brings them together to maximize efficiency for comprehensive risk management."

About PINS

PINS is a software application that enables an array of industries the delivery, storage, and maintenance of insurance certificates. The goal of PINS is to remain an invaluable risk management tool in a range of industries that need to efficiently store, track, and maintain certificates of insurance and any affiliated documents, aiming to transfer risk from clients by organizing, tracking, and maintaining sensitive documents on secure servers that are retrievable from any device. 

Procore + PINS Integration

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