Procore + PINS-4

Insurance Tracking Automation for Construction Project Management 

Take your Procore system to the next level 

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Store Certificates

Securely store your Certificates of Insurance in our AWS Cloud.

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Sync Projects & Vendors

Our 2-way integration allows for critical data to sync securely between systems.

Group 47226-1

Track Updates

Stay up to date on your submissions, approvals and renewals.

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Work & Purchase Orders

Manage compliance for sub-contractors, vendors & suppliers

Trusted Users


Insurance certificate tracking automation reduces construction risk, while increasing productivity 

Are you still manually entering data for Certificates of Insurance? With PINS, you can save time by leveraging the Optical Scanning Recognition(OCR) tool.

Need clarification?

Is the PINS + Procore Integration real-time?

Yes.  Our API integration is live, with a dashboard in PINS showing a realtime view of data syncs.

Who Reviews my COI Submissions?

The customer paying for PINS is always the end-user that applies a compliance status to any submission.  Submission compliance decisions are made by the user, not by PINS. 

How can I get started?

Getting started with PINS is easy.  Simply Book a Demo and a PINS Representative will walk you through onboarding.

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