Insurance Certificate Management
For Agents & Brokers 

Automatically request & renew Certificates of Insurance.
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Automatic OCR For
Certificate Submissions

We'll automatically scan your PDFs, so you don't have to. 

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Submit Certificates

Leverage our Machine-Learning enabled Optical Character Recognition (OCR) reader for automatic PDF data extraction.

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Verify Compliance

Use our API to import / export data in real time, across external platforms.

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Track Updates

Stay up to date on your submissions, approvals and renewals. Maintain a central record of account activity for verification.

Trusted Users

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Machine Learning
applied to OCR for
Certificate PDF Uploads  

Are you still manually entering data for Certificates of Insurances? With PINS, you can take control of your Certificates with Optical Scanning Recognition (OCR) scanning, powered by machine learning.


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Is PINS Free for Agents & Brokers?

Yep! Brokers & Agents are free forever. 

Can I use PINS with multiple clients?

Yes!  Your account will reflect all submitted data, across clients. 

Who Reviews my COI Submissions?

The customer paying for PINS is always the end-user that applies a compliance status to any submission.  Submission compliance decisions are made by the user, not by PINS. 

How can I get started?

Getting started with PINS is easy.  Simply Book a Demo and a PINS Representative will walk you through onboarding.

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