Insurance Certificate Management
For Agents & Brokers 

Using PINS to Manage Certificates is a Win-Win

Upload & Track Certificates Of Insurance

PINS enables teams to easily manage Insurance
Requirements, Submissions and Compliance Workflows across Projects. 

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Free OCR PDF Reader

Securely store your Certificates of Insurance in our AWS Cloud, or export your data with our public API.

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Easy Uploads

Our servers are 100% located in the USA, and we have AWS level II daily backups. We guarantee a 99% uptime, and can store documents forever.

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Verify Requirements

Subcontractors, Vendors, Drivers and Agents can all easily log into PINS to provide insurance documentation, at no extra cost.

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Get the Status

PINS allows Agents & Brokers to get real time status updates on their Submissions, and notifications for upcoming policy renewals.

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Renewal Notifications

Automatically set renewal emails to trigger whenever renewals are needed, looping in Agents and Insureds for seamless updating.

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Agent Portal

Create Insurance Requirements as Templates that can be applied across groups, or Projects, saving time and increasing compliance.

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Public API

Use our API to import / export data in real time, across external platforms.

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We integrate with Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate, Procore and Viewpoint by Vista.


PINS Is Free For Brokers & Agents

  • Reduce Errors

  • Increase Renewals

  • Save Time

  • Grow Your Business

Avoid mistakes, delays and gaps in coverage

Automation allows you to be more precise when entering data into databases like COI systems or claim management platforms because it eliminates human error—which means more accurate information gets stored in these databases. Less human error means fewer delays in completing tasks.

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Automate the renewal process

An investment in automating insurance certificate tracking and management can assist brokers and agents in streamlining their processes and supporting their clients.  Automate the renewal process by allowing agents to submit their certificates through an online portal, with their data automatically populated into the submission form.  The more manual processes you can replace with automation, the more efficient your business will be at providing excellent service to your customers.

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You've got enough on your plate

As an insurance agent or broker, you know that time is money. That’s why you spend countless hours every week trying to get more clients and keep your existing customers happy.  The time spent on managing COIs is time away from other activities like prospecting new clients or refining marketing strategies.  PINS can save you time everyday, on business tasks like finding documents and emailing or calling for renewals.

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Grow faster and stay competitive

It's important to stay competitive in today's fast-paced environment and it's critical to grow your business as quickly as possible while maintaining reliability and accuracy. You need to attract new customers, but you also need to use your time efficiently so that you can spend more time actually selling policies instead of tedious manual data entry. With automation, it’s easier than ever to find new customers in the right places and at the right times when they are most likely to buy insurance from you.  This increases efficiency and reliability, and saves time and money for everyone involved, including yourself!

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Have Questions?

Is there OCR for Agent Uploads?

Yes! Our OCR tool is available for Certificate uploads to any user.

Does PINS notify the Client when Agents submit Certifications?

Yes! PINS sends notifications to all parties to notify everyone of any changes to COIs.  Notifications can be managed by Admins.  Realtime activity is also logged in the Activity Feed. 

What if I need support?

We've got you covered!  PINS has world-class customer service available for support with uploads and questions about our product. 

How do I get started?

Getting started with PINS is easy!  Simply book a Demo with a PINS representative, so we can get you set up. It's that easy! 

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