Email Sequences Speed Up Your Workday

Increase productivity by customizing your email workflows.

PINS is always looking for the best ways to help our customers manage insurance requirements and maintain compliance. That’s why we incorporated automated email sequences to keep you, your agents and vendors on schedule without manually doing the work. 

What is an email sequence?

Email sequences comprise a series of emails automatically sent to specific contacts and can be trigger or time-based. When an email sequence is trigger-based, emails are sent based on actions such as:

  • Compliance verification
  • Agent notifications
  • Insurance submission verifications
  • Insurance approval
  • Additional Information Needed 

Alternatively, a time-based email sequence sends emails at predetermined intervals, such as:

  • Expiration notices prior to and upon expiration
  • Missed deadlines
  • Renewals

How do they work? 

When you’re walking into a new experience you always feel much better if you know what to expect. Email automation establishes expectations for your contractors and agents and reassures them that critical milestones will be tracked from the get-go! PINS ensures that your Contractors & Vendors receive keystone emails immediately, ultimately saving you the hassle of manual tracking, money spent and pesky human errors. 

Setting up a sequence is as simple as:

  1. Selecting a trigger or time factor 
  2. Personalizing your email by using Tokens to customize names, documents, copied recipients, signatures and specialized data contents.
  3. Selecting groups (such as vendors or contractors)
  4. Saving your configuration preferences such as expiration dates for easy setup for the next contractor or agent
  5. Monitoring the progress of emails and insurance submissions in real-time 

Similarly, adding new contractors or agents to an existing sequence is only a few steps to full automation.

Adding a new contractor to your sequence is a breeze

Interested in learning more? Our team is here to show you more this time saving feature!

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