How To Shrink Your Insurance Costs

Stop wasting money on manually tracking insurance and switch to insurance tracking software.

When you hire contractors and vendors, you want to ensure their mistakes and claims don’t become yours. Insurance tracking tools are necessary to protect you. Here are the key features to embrace to protect yourself, projects and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Eliminate Communication Breakdowns with Email Workflows

Bulk customizable emailing makes it easy to ensure that you and your vendors are in sync and in compliance. With insurance tracking software like PINS, you can easily communicate requirements, submissions, and compliance across projects. These emails notify vendors and contractors of expiring policies, request missing documentation and share documentation across projects and teams, keeping everyone on time and in compliance, ultimately helping you avoid fees and penalties. 

 Cost-Saving Features:  

    • Securely track and store Insurance Documents 
    • Quickly send customized renewal email notifications
    • Verify and monitor submissions to ensure compliance in real time 
    • Readily share documents via a centralized email system 

Data-Driven Compliance Reporting

Reporting and analytics can guide you to cost savings by keeping you and your team in the know and avoiding pesky penalties due to missing or out-of-date certificates of insurance (COIs). 

 Cost-Saving Features:

    • Automated reporting notifies you of emergent certificate of insurance needs
    • Automatically track expiration dates
    • Easily export and import compliance documents 

Keep Projects in Sync with ERP Integrations

Tracking your accounts payable, project management and cost management can seem like a chore. With ERP integrations like Procore and Vista, you can easily eliminate redundancy and keep projects streamlined while managing your operational costs. 

 Cost Savings:

      • Stay on top of the potential for risk with integrations 
      • Easily share compliance documents
      • Eliminate the risk of human error

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