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Are you still manually tracking COIs? 4 reasons to automate now

Automate and simplify your COI management with PINS! See how this cloud software can save you time, money and more!

What if you could reduce your COI management tasks from hours to mere minutes each week?  What if there was a software that could simplify and automate the way you request, track and manage your COIs?

Great news, there is! PINS is the world's leading automated insurance tracking software. PINS streamlines the certificate of insurance tracking process, providing an easy to use, complete solution for all your COI needs.

Certificate of Insurance (COI) policies are a necessary cost of doing business for most companies that hire outside contractors and vendors. It can also be a source of frustration, because keeping track of these COI documents is time consuming and often difficult. 

Here are 4 ways your business will benefit from using PINS:

  • Save Time 

If you are still tracking COIs manually, your current process likely requires you track expiration dates in a spreadsheet, send emails, follow up phone calls, collect COI's and update information etc  All of that requires a lot time. Time that could be better spent on growing your business. 

With PINS, you can automate the entire process — from monitoring expiring COIs to integrating with your accounting system and eliminating manual data entry. PINS compliance review & email automation dramatically reduces the time spent drafting emails and communicating requests for additional insurance documents & information. 

PINS email automation, eliminates the hassle of drafting emails and keeping tabs on expiration dates.  It's never been easier to send a notification that a policy is expired. 

  • Increase Compliance 

         COIs that are expired or not in compliance can cost you. BIG time. 

With PINS, you are never left wondering if the contractor has the necessary coverage. You select criteria and once they submit you can see if that company has adequate coverage. PINS automates the management of your insurance policies, certificates and renewals. 

  • Easily notify Contractors & Agents
  • User-verified Compliance Status
  • Reduce Risk 

How do you make sure you are getting every piece of necessary documentation? 

You know the importance of ensuring that your policyholders and vendors maintain adequate and up-to-date coverage.  You'll never have to worry about a project being delayed or question if the provided information is accurate. With PINS you will reduce project risk, avoid fines and legal repercussions from coverage gaps. 

  • Reduce Cost 

Eliminate costs of manual tracking and human errors. Avoid penalties and administrative overhead by optimizing team workflows and increasing efficiency. 

Don't spend another day buried in paperwork or another sleepless night worried about compliance. Say goodbye to those burdensome insurance spreadsheets. With PINS easy to use, affordable software solution you can manage your insurance documents from start to finish all in place, and have peace of mind. 

Schedule a demo today and let us show you how PINS can benefit your business.

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