Why You Should Insist On Integrations For Your COI Management Software

Integrating your existing software with new tools allows you to work more efficiently saving your business time and money.

Why you should insist on integrations for your insurance software?

If you could get a convenient, more accurate way to submit your insurance information electronically, wouldn't you be happy not to have to enter it all into a spreadsheet? Integrations with certain third-party software make this possible. Using software integrations with your insurance tracking software improves real-time visibility into the status of your vendor and contractors’ insurance compliance. 

PINS believes that the best insurance tracking software integrates seamlessly with your business's existing systems, and ours does. With streamlined Sage, Procore and Vista by Viewpoint integrations and robust support, PINS take the stress out of insurance management.

What is an integration and why does it help my insurance tracking?

Integrating your existing software with new tools allows you to work more efficiently.  Are you interested in better managing your construction vendors? An integration with Sage 300 means you can instantly record information, manage payments and notify subcontractors and vendors of non-compliance in one central location. 

What integrations do PINS offer? 

PINS offers a diverse array of integrations for your construction business. Some of our most popular integrations include: 

Sage 300 

Store Certificates and automate workflows with Sage 300 CRE.  Block payment to non-compliant subcontractors & vendors, and more with the freedom to work where you want, when you want to.


Reduce double entry by managing Projects & Insureds with your Procore account while automating and storing Insurance certificates in PINS. This software boosts accountability and mobility by streamlining documentation and communication, without a pesky paper trail. 

Vista by ViewPoint

Track Insurance Certificates for all active Work Orders and leverage PINS with Vista for robust project & cost reporting on a flexible platform.      

Want a custom integration? 

PINS can do that, too, via a data API that builds in customization for real-time business intelligence, daily imports, and reporting, saving you valuable time and money. 

What should I expect from my provider? 

When getting set up with your managed insurance tracking provider, they should offer onboarding and integration support - walking you through the available tools and integrations and how to use them! For example, at PINS we assign a representative to walk new users through setting up integrations and point them to the abundance of resources available any time they are needed.

Interested in learning more? 

Schedule time to learn about our accounts payable, project management and cost management integrations available for our users.

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